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Spring Fishing in Marathon 2022 (April 6)

The month of March provides constant Mangrove Snapper action in the Gulf. The Gulf provides adequate shelter from the wind and allows us to fish calm waters most every day. Plenty of Ballyhoo in our chum slicks to keep our bait well full and feed to the snappers and sharks. Almost all of our trips in March were family groups with children, this is our specialty.

Mangrove Snapper are required to be at least 10" to keep and they can occasionally reach lengths into the 20's. This pair of 18"+ fish gave quite a tussle this past week!

Whenever we have the chum flowing and hundreds of fish schooling behind the boat, predators come seeking an easy meal.

As we progress toward Summer the winds calm a bit and allow us to get out on the Atlantic. Here is a batch of Yellowtail Snapper from an evening trip earlier this week.

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