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Big Winter Snapper on the CALM side of Marathon

The weather this year has been challenging. We have had a lot of wind here in the Florida Keys, some weeks we have only been able to fish a day or two.  Foodchain Fishing has made it our craft to fish the Gulf side of Marathon in the winter time.  We have perfected techniques to catch plenty of Mangrove (Gray) Snapper, Mackerel and Yellowjacks for the dining pleasures of our clients.  We also regularly tie into large sharks or Goliath Grouper for the sport of it.  Our clients really enjoy the consistent action on light tackle as well as the calmer water that is found on the Gulf side this time of year.  We are finding the fish on the grass patches north of Marathon.  The technique that is the most fun is throwing a baited jig on a 15 pound leader out into the chum slick.  As the bait sinks the smaller fish bat the bait around attracting the attention of the larger snapper.  The snapper shoots in and grabs the bait and swims off, as the line is stripping from the open spool the patient fisherperson waits until they believe the fish has eaten the bait and then simply closes the bail, as the line draws tight the sharp hook finds its mark and the fight is on!  Today the bite was mostly Snapper, and big snapper at that, so we just stayed right with them.  Other days the Mackerel show up in the chum slick and we will cast bucktail jigs tipped with bait and retrieve it rapidly, enticing vicious strikes and ballistic runs.  At the end of every trip our clients are happy with the fun fishing action and thankful that they had fished on the calm side of Marathon.

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