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Winter 2023

Oh My!! The winter back where I come from in Western New York has been brutal with 2 major snow events already. There is no reason to tough it out up north when you can take a break and visit the Florida Keys. Here is what is going on down here: The Boat has been restored with a fresh set of 2023 Mercury Outboard and full paint job. Changed the layout of the cockpit as well and the result is more comfortable fishing space.

We were off the water from Halloween till Christmas doing this work but now we are back to fishing. Snapper are on the grass flats in the gulf, but cold water has them a bit lethargic but as the water warms up do does the fishing.

The mackerel bite has been on fire. It takes about a half hour for the chum to call them in but once they arrive it is game on!!!

Call or TEXT Capt. Carl at 305-900-8091 to secure your day of fishing, we are fishing mornings and afternoons all winter and would love to have your crew aboard.

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