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6-27-2020 "Plan - B" is A-Okay!!!

The ocean had a nasty chop and a steady wind precluding us from getting out to the reef for an enjoyable day of fishing. We made the decision to head to the Gulf as our “Plan B”. On our first stop we had very little action, landing only one catfish. We headed further into the gulf and found a smooth spot to fish on the leeward side of a bank and dropped the anchor into the sand. After a while we finally started to catch just legal Mangrove snapper when we noticed Ballyhoo in the chum slick. A few moments later we had fresh bait on our lines and the big fish began to hit including a very nice Gulf Mutton and some slab Mangroves. The Gulf, true to form, kept us busy with action all day long. While we may not of been able to chase Mahi in the offshore waters we ended the day with a very nice limit catch of Mangrove Snapper and the big Mutton.

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